About us

WavEC Offshore Renewables is a private nonprofit association created in 2003 to develop its activities in three areas: applied research, consulting, and pro bono activities, characteristic of a private non-profit organization, namely the dissemination and promotion of opportunities associated with the early development of marine renewable energy in the country, among companies, the public administration and the general public, and also the training of young people within curricular internship and advanced training, including Master’s and PhD theses.


The most valuable asset of WavEC is the 400 kW OWC pilot plant (Azores), providing important field experience and monitoring activities to the centre's staff and invited researchers.


MISSION | Our commitment, today!
Develop offshore renewable energy through knowledge transfer, dissemination and innovation.

VISION | What we want to achieve.
To be a renown international centre of excellence in offshore renewable energies.

VALUES | Our working principle.
The fulfilment of our mission relies on the following set of values and behaviours:

Technical expertise – We seek to continuously improve our technical skills through the participation in R&D projects and develop a creative spirit in the identification of new services and projects in order to meet market needs. We value autonomy, initiative, responsibility and flexibility.
Customer satisfaction – We focus our efforts on client satisfaction and are committed in the continuous improvement of our services and our internal procedures.
Partnerships – We seek to create partnerships as a strategic factor to expand our activity and enhance our actions. We value and promote collaboration and the sharing of information at diverse levels.
Teamwork and transparency – We always value teamwork to achieve higher quality results and execute a more efficient work. Our activity is properly planned, implemented and monitored and we invest in the skills of each employee through an efficient communication and motivation. We invest in a transparent policy where all are informed about their goals, objectives, strategies and can present solutions.
Integrity – We take an ethical position and value our commitments towards clients, partners and suppliers.
Social and environmental responsibility – We assume a responsible social and environmental position both internally as in relationship with the community.

Some words about WavEC by António Sarmento, President WavEC (Nov. 2012)

Some words about WavEC by Ana Brito e Melo, Executive Director WavEC (Nov. 2012)