WavEC Seminar 2017


12 December 2017, Lisbon

WavEC Seminar 2017 (morning)
B2B Meetings (afternoon)

Testing and Demonstration Infrastructures for the Development of the Blue Economy

WavEC Offshore Renewables is organising its annual Seminar 2017 that will take place in the morning of the 12th of December in Lisbon. In the afternoon B2B meetings will take place. The venue will soon be informed.

The event of this year will discuss the importance of testing and demonstration infrastructures - both onshore and offshore - to attract projects to Portugal and through them develop a national value chain, including R&D&I components, services and industry.

The discussion of this topic is particularly important and necessary due to the preparation of an application to the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) to create a distributed infrastructure for the marine renewable energy sector. The infrastructures that are integrated into the ESFRI project will have access to more attractive conditions to raise R&D&I projects.

The preparation of this application to the ESFRI is being prepared by the European project MARINERG-i in which WavEC participates. The consortium gathers partners from Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

The WavEC Seminar, that will take place in the morning of the 12th of December, will be aligned with an afternoon session organized in the aim of the MARINERG-I project. This session will gather a group of relevant stakeholders of the sector with the aim to identify possible national R&D&I infrastructures that can apply to the ESFRI infrastructure and the national context of the distributed infrastructure. This afternoon session is closed to the public and open only by invitation.

As testing and demonstration infrastructures reach a wide range of topics, the WavEC Seminar will focus on two distinct sectors, however with important contact points, both on the testing infrastructure level as on the value chain and technology level that they partially share: offshore renewable energies and offshore aquaculture.

The Seminar counts with Portuguese and European top speakers of the sector.

This year its format will allow a closer interaction with the public. The event is structured in three debate panels:

In the first two panels the state of the art and tendencies of the technological and market development of the two sectors will be analysed. The last panel will be a reflection about national testing and demonstration infrastructures and a debate about their contribution to attract R&D&I projects and to the development of national technology and the value chain.

We invite you to join this event. Please note that this year due to logistic reasons there are only 100 seats available for the Seminar.


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