Press Release Pico Wave Power Plant (WavEC, 23/04/2018)
The Pico Wave Power Plant, in the Azores on the island of Pico, was completed in 1999 as a European pilot project. Its construction was financed by the European Commission, the two Portuguese utilities – EDA and EDP – and by the Portuguese State under the scientific coordination of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Lisbon. In 2007, the ownership of the plant was transferred to WavEC (created in 2003), which has been responsible for its operation since.
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MaRINET2’s 2nd call for applications (WavEC 15/01/2018)
Get free testing at the Wave Energy Power Pico Plant available through @MaRINET2_EU. 2nd call now open.
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Ocean observation and exploitation (WavEC 12/01/2018)
Call for abstracts (21 January) - Session Ocean observation and exploitation: from deep sea to space, RSAI Congress, Goa, India from May 29 to June 01, 2018
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WavEC Seminar 2017 (WavEC, 09/11/2017)
WavEC Offshore Renewables is organising its annual Seminar 2017 that will take place in the morning of the 12th of December in Lisbon. In the afternoon B2B meetings will take place.
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Letter of Intent towards development of basic sea testing facilities (WavEC, 10/10/2017)
A Letter of Intent towards the development of basic sea testing facilities will be signed on the 11th of October in Lisbon.
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OceaNET project finished (WavEC, 03/10/2017)
After four years of development, the OceaNET project came to its conclusion on August 31, 2017.
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OCEANIC Second Field test at Waveroller (WavEC, 22/09/2017)
On the 21st of September 2017 the Second Set of samples was installed at #WaveRoller test site to study the fouling and corrosion within the framework of the OCEANIC project.
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WavEC at Oceans Meeting 2017 (WavEC, 06/09/2017)
WavEC will attend the Oceans Meeting 2017 that will take place on the 7th and 8th of September. Visit our stand.
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WavEC at 4th Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts (WavEC, 05/09/2017)
WavEC will represent the Oceanic project in the 4th Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts, held in Estoril (Portugal), 6-8 September 2017.
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OCEANIC, Second Field test at Bimep (WavEC, 05/09/2017)
Second Set of samples is introduced in the sea and object of study of fouling and corrosion within the framework of the OCEANIC project.
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EWTEC2017 (WavEC, 30/08/2017)
WavEC is at #EWTEC2017 - European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference in Cork, Ireland, with two presentations.
Sarah Crowley presented #Tupperwave: Preliminary numerical modelling of a floating OWC equipped with a unidirectional turbine and Miguel Lopes presented Engineering Analysis of the Submergence as a Survivability Strategy for Floating OWCs.
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Press release Kraken Project (WavEC, 28/08/2017)
A Robotic Arm Manipulator for Offshore operations
A new European Project named Kraken has started. The project received €350.000 through financing of OCEANERANET (Ocean Energy European Research Area Network) and gathers four partners of three different countries: WavEC Offshore Renewables and Instituto Super Técnico (Portugal), SIANI (Canary Islands) and CADFEM (Ireland).
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Licensing guidance (WavEC, 01/08/2017)
WavEC launches licensing guidance for MRE projects in Portugal.
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II Conference "Jornal da Economia do Mar" (WavEC, 22/06/2017)
Visit our stand at the event "Jornal da Economia do Mar 2017" at Centro de Congressos do Estoril. 22 and 23 June 2017.
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WavEC at AIR Centre conference (WaVEC 20/04/2017)
WavEC attends the conference about the creation of the AIR Centre in Ilha Terceira, Azores promoted by the Minister of Science and Technology of Portugal, Prof. Manuel Heitor.

OES 32th ExCo Meeting, Monaco (WaVEC 12/04/2017)
The OES Ocean Energy Systems 32th ExCo Meeting took place in Monaco this year. Learn about the new activities.
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OES Annual Report 2016 (WaVEC 12/04/2017)
Press Release: Ocean Energy Systems released its Annual Report 2016. Check the online Report.
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WavEC at Floating Offshore Wind Turbines 2017  (WavEC, 22/03/2017)
WavEC attended the Floating Offshore Wind Turbines 2017 Conference with a presentation on Hydrodynamic Design of Umbilical Systems for Floating Offshore Wind Applications, a research activity in the aim of the RECODE project.
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Marinerg-i project Press Release (WavEC, 17/03/2017)
Distributed testing infrastructures united to create an integrated centre for delivering Offshore Renewable Energy.
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OCEANIC 3rd follow-up meeting (WavEC, 16/03/2017)
OCEANIC partners gather in Valencia, Spain, for the 3rd follow-up meeting, 16-17 March. Pictures: at REPOL facilities
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OES Vision for International Deployment of Ocean Energy (WavEC, 08/03/2017)
Ocean Energy Systems (OES) has released a new report entitled An International Vision for Ocean Energy
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EUREC Master (WavEC, 07/03/2017)
The module of Ocean Energy of the European Master in Renewable Energy /EUREC) has started at IST. Today our colleague Marta Silva lectured Economics Policy and environment
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Job opportunities at WavEC (WavEC, 23/02/2017)
Vacancies open for applications for 1 Post-Doctoral research grant and 1 Master research grant.
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OCEANET final course (WavEC 16/02/2017)
OceaNET is organizing its final Workshop under the theme “Offshore Renewable Energy farm design and O&M” in Bilbao on March 27 as a side event of the Bilbao Marine Energy Week.
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Job opportunity at WavEC (WavEC 13/02/2017)
Call open for applications for a Post-Doctoral research grant within the frame of the project Kraken.
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WavEC and LOC join forces (WavEC 30/01/2017)
WavEC started in January 2017 a new partnership with LOC Group Limited in the field of marine renewable energies, specifically in activities related to offshore wind.
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WavEC in 2016 (WavEC 26/01/2017)
Learn about WavEC's highlight moments of 2016.
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