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               WavEC at ICOE 2014 Conference (WavEC 13/11/2014)
WavEC participated at ICOE 2014. Ana Brito e Melo was moderator of the International Activities panel with the following speakers: Alison LaBonte from US, Henry Jeffrey from UK, Tony Lewis from Ireland, Xia Dengwen from China They give a perspective of the state of the industry development, research and governmental actions around the world. José Luis Villate, Chairman of the Ocean Energy Systems IA, concluded this session with a presentation of the role of the OES in this context.  ICOE website          
OWC Pico Plant 60 MWh into the grid
In September 2014 the Pico plant, owned and operated by WavEC, has reached a total of 60 MWh injected in the grid since 2007. Good expectations for the coming months.
Pico Plant website
WavEC’s Annual Seminar - Presentations for download (WavEC 14/10/2014)
Fostering Transatlantic Growth of Marine Renewables
United States — Portugal
October 9 - 10, 2014 | Lisbon, Portugal
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Waveport Project final (WavEC, 31/07/2014)
The Waveport Project final meeting was held in Santander during the 31st of July. During this meeting the Waveport consortium worked on the last details of the project and it was possible to visit the PBWP fully assembled in the Astender shipyard.
Project website
First prototype of the offshore monitoring buoy KIC-OTS launched in Portugal  (WavEC, 29/07/2014)
On the 29th of July 2014 WavEC Offshore Renewables successfully launched the first prototype of the offshore monitoring buoy being developed under the KIC-OTS program in Algés at the mouth of the river Tagus, Portugal.
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Waveport project dissemination, 3rd July 2014, Tecnalia
The Waveport project partners gave a presentation in the Energy Cluster Wave Energy Working Group (Trabajo en Energía de las Olas (GTEO) del Cluster de Energía) meeting, that was held on the 3rd of July in Bilbao.
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Demowfloat workshop 2nd July 2014, Ostend, Belgium (WavEC, 18/06/2014)
Demowfloat workshop within the Clustering the Future event on the 2nd of July 2014, Ostend, Belgium. Register now
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WavEC at Underwater Technology Conference 2014, Bergen (WavEC, 17/06/2014)
WavEC gathers with CEIIA and Ocean in a fair  Underwater Technology Conference 2014, Bergen.
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WavEC Seminar 2014 (WavEC, 19/05/2014)
Portugal and the USA have joined efforts to organize the WavEC Annual Seminar 2014 and B2B meetings. 09th and 10th October.
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OES Annual Report 2013 (WavEC, 01/04/2014)
Overview of the activities undertaken within the OES in 2013 and industry vision and strategy on ocean energy
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Associate to OTEO project (WavEC, 06/03/2014)
Join now as a associate for free to the OTEO project - Offshore Energy Technology Observatory.
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1st Renewable Energy Seminar, 07th February 2014, New Dehli, India (WavEC, 13/02/2013)
On the 7th of February took place the first Renewable Energy Seminar India-Portugal in New Dehli, India. Prof. António Sarmento represented WavEC Offshore Renewables at this event in the aim of a ministerial mission that counted with the presence of the Ministry of Environment Spatial Planning and Energy and the Secretariat of State of Energy from Portugal and the Secretary of State of Renewable Energy and other authorities from India. Read more
Waveport - Evaluate Electromagnetic Fields (WavEC, 06/02/2014)
WavEC has been developing a methodology to assess the impacts of the Electromagnetic Fields of offshore energy projects.
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New Vacancies
New Vacancies in the aim of the OceaNET project
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