Co-ordinated Action on Ocean Energy

The Co-ordinated Action on Ocean Energy (CA-OE) started in 2004 with funding of the 6th FP of the European Commission it continued for 39 months with 40 partners and 20 associated partners from 15 countries.

CA-OE main objective was to promote the cooperation between the players of the energy sector, promote and disseminate ocean energy technologies and establish a common knowledge base necessary for coherent development of R&D Policies in Europe.

The main activity of the project consisted in the organisation of interactive workshops as a vehicle to exchange, present and analyse information important for Ocean Energy Development. The topics of the 5 workshops were: 1. Numerical Modelling and Tank testing, 2. Components & Power take-off, 3. Structural design, 4. Performance assessment and 5. Environmental impact.

The WavEC

An important aspect of the CA-OE project was the exchange of personnel component to strengthen the expertise by mobility and exchange of personnel. The CA-OE therefore included funding to provide grants to researchers to pay short exchange visits to different institutions working in similar areas with the aim of integrating this knowledge in their work. This exchange of personnel component was co-ordinated by WavEC.


• Modelling Ocean Energy System (4-5 April 2005, Aalborg, Denmark);
• Component Technology and Power Take-off (2-3 November 2005, Uppsala, Sweden)
• System Design, Construction, Reliability and Safety (30-31 March 2006, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
• Performance Monitoring of Ocean Energy Systems (16-17 November 2006, Lisbon, Portugal)
• Environmental, Economics, Development Policy and Promotional Opportunities (23 a 25 April 2007, Copenhagen, Denmark)

General Information

Funding: 6FP of the European Commission
Team Coordinator: Ana Brito e Melo
Total Funding: € 1500 000,00
WavEC Funding: € 48 000,00
Duration:  2004-2007 (39 months)
Coordinator: Rambøll
Other Partners: Core-group: University of Strathclyde, Centre For Renewable Energy Sources, University College Cork, HMRC, WavEC; Ocean Energy Developers: Ocean Power Delivery Ltd, Teamwork Technology BV, Queens University Belfast, Instituto Superior Técnico, Aqua Energy UK, Ldt, Wave Dragon ApS, Ingenioerfirma Eric Rossen,, Ocean Energy Limited, WavePlane Production A/S, MT Power, C J Day Associates, Ponte di Archimedes S.p.A, UNESCO-IHE Institute for water Education, Electricité de France; R&D institutions: Aalborg University, The University of Edinburgh, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Group ESIM, Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre, University of Southampton, Ghent University, Universität Hannover, Uppsala University, Division for Electricity and Lightening Research, UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS, Swedish Seabased Energy AB, Chalmers tekniska högskola AB, Technische Universiteit Delft, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, National Technical University of Athens, Naval Arrch & Mar Engng., Ecofys bv, INETI, The Robert Gordon University, POWERTECH LABS INC., DHI Water & Environment, Lancaster University, SPOK Aps and Institut Francais de Recherche pour lÉxploitation de la Mer