The OTEO project - “Offshore Energy Technology Observatory” establishes as a strategy the portuguese and the international knowledge of offshore energy technologies as well as support technologies in order to increase the competitiveness and the entrepreneurship in this sector.


• Create a network of Portuguese and international experienced experts in offshore energy projects by monitoring the activity carried out in the main – research European centres;
• Identify opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses of offshore energy technologies from concept to deployment;
• Analyze offshore energy technologies investment projects.

This project aims to turn Portugal into a country that knows to use the energetic potential of its coast and into a relevant manufacturer and exporter of core and support technologies.


1. Report on the State-of-the-art of offshore energies;
2. Market study and survey of business opportunities in the renewable offshore energy sector;
3. Analysis of offshore energy systems around the world.
4. Identification of crucial skills for the development of offshore energy projects;
5. Directory of Portuguese Entities with competences in the development of offshore energy projects;
6. Definition of a technological Roadmap to identify the activities, timings and costs to develop an offshore renewable energies sector in Portugal;
7. Promotion of a discussion to foster partnerships and projects in the offshore energy sector;
8. Event to disclose the Project Results.

General Information

Funding: 01/SIAC/2011 - Sistema de Apoio a Acções Colectivas
WavEC Coordinator: Nuno Matos
Duration: 01.09.2011 - 31.08.2013
Partners: INEGI, EnergyIN, Oceano XXI, WavEC
Website: oteo.inegi.up.pt