SOWFIA, Streamlining of Ocean Wave Farms Impact Assessment

The SOWFIA project aims to achieve the sharing and consolidation of pan-European experience of consenting processes and environmental and socio-economic impact assessment (IA) best practices for offshore wave energy conversion developments. Studies of wave farm demonstration projects in each of the collaborating EU nations are contributing to the findings. The study sites comprise a wide range of device technologies, environmental settings and stakeholder interests. The Intelligent Energy – Europe program is funding the project which started in October 2010 and will run for 36 months.

The project is coordinated by Plymouth University and WavEC participates in all work packages assuming the leading role in work package 4 where the analysis of the information on licensing procedures as well as collected in workshops’ and questionnaires’ will be analysed to produce recommendations to streamline approval processes. An environmental and socio-economic data collection for different European test centres has been carried out and will be also compiled in a Data Management Platform which is already available at the SOWFIA website.

Sowfia workshop: 23 April 2013. Download information here.


Ficha Técnica

Funding: European Comission
Call (part) identifier: Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)
Team Coordinator: Teresa Simas
Total Funding (Requested EU contribution): € 1 442 345
WavEC Funding: € 177 069
Duration: 1 October 2010 – 30 September 2013 (36 months)
Coordinator: University of Plymouth
Parceiros: Plymouth University, University of Exeter, Inabensa, Ente Vasco da la Energía, European Ocean Energy Association, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, University College Cork, Uppsala University, Hidromod and WavEC.
Website: www.sowfia.eu