The European Project SURGE (Simple Underwater Renewable Generation of Electricity) is funded by the EC under FP7 and intends to test and assess the second generation of the Finnish WaveRoller device, near Peniche. After almost a decade of R&D in wave energy and after testing the prototype WaveRoller1 at real scale at EMEC in Scotland and in Portugal, AW-Energy, owner of the technology, will install and test its second prototype in Portuguese seas.

It is a nearshore technology, to be installed at a depth of 15-20 meters fixed at the sea bottom. It will use the horizontal movement of the waves at low depth to move its vertical wings. The Surge project is one of the few demonstration projects worldwide at real scale that aims to contribute to the maturity of a technology for commercialization. This project, started in 2009, will take process during three years and will be one more important step to attract wave energy technology to Portugal.

WavEC participates in four areas of the project: management, technical and environmental monitoring of the device, test assessment and local and scientific dissemination. We highlight WavEC’s experience with the technical aspects of its OWC Pico Plant and underwater acoustic experience with the WEAM project. The project represents 196.000 Euros for WavEC of a total of almost 3M€ for the whole project.

Update August 2012

After some delays from the initial schedule the WaveRoller device was successfully installed on the 11th of August 2012. The whole process of setting it in place, anchoring and connecting the cable to land took approximately 10 hours. The device in now operating and successfully feeding energy into the national grid, marking an important cornerstone on the development of wave energy in Portugal. The SURGE project has been extended for one more year to enable the technical and environmental monitoring of the device to be carried out as described in the proposal. It will therefore now end on October 2013.

General Information

Funding: FP7
WavEC Coordinator: André Moura
Total Funding (Requested EU contribution): € 2 997 000
WavEC Funding: € 216 000
Duration: 5 October 2009 – 5 October 2013 (48 months)
Coordinator: AW-Energy OY
Partners: AW-Energy OY (Finland); Bosch Rexroth (Germany); Estaleiros Navais de Peniche (Portugal); Eneólica SA (Portugal); Wave Energy Centre (Portugal); Instituto Hidrográfico (Portugal); Câmara Municipal de Peniche (Portugal)
Website: http://fp7-surge.com