Estratégia e políticas

Strategies and policies

We offer technical and strategic support to companies, R&D institutions, governmental bodies and regional authorities.

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Estudos estratégicos

State of the art

We produce state of the art and strategic studies to investors, developers and governmental bodies.

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Estudos de mercado e cadeia de fornecimento

Market studies

We develop studies about the marine renewable energy market using an extensive data base with in-depth information about this sector.

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Avaliação de recurso e selecção de locais

Resource assessment

We provide offshore renewable energy resource assessment services and support project site selection.

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Desenvolvimento de Sistemas de Informação Geográfica

Geographic Information Systems

We use GIS tools to map marine habitats.

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Avaliação de impacte ambiental e macro-económico

Environmental and Macro-economic impact

We development environmental impact assessment procedures and methodologies and socio-economic impacts of marine renewable energies.

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Análise técnico-económica

Economic Analysis

We development detailed techno-economic tools for the analysis and optimization of offshore renewable energy technologies.

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Estudos conceptuais e de desempenho

Conceptual studies

We develop conceptual and performance evaluation studies using a wave-to-wire model, which allows modeling the entire chain of energy conversion from the hydrodynamic interaction until the energy fed into the grid.

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Desenvolvimento e teste de componentes

Component testing

We can help find, specify or produce innovative components of marine renewable energy devices.

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Monitorização de desempenho

Performance Monitoring

We have a large experience in the evaluation of marine renewable energy device performance that have been installed at the Portuguese coast.

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Inspecção submarina

Underwater monitoring

With help of the ROV we monitor underwater marine renewable energy converters, moorings and submarine cables.

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Monitorização acústica subaquática

Underwater acoustic

The team develop underwater acoustic monitoring campaigns to characterize the acoustic soundscape of the marine environment as well as the noise introduced by renewable energy devices.

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Caracterização e monitorização de habitats marinhos

Marine habitat monitoring

The ROV has the ability to retrieve underwater images in depths down to 100m. A grabber has been installed allowing for simple operations as grab samples, cut cables etc.

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Caracterização e monitorização de espécies de mamíferos marinhos

Marine mammals monitoring

WavEC’s team conducts research and assessment of potential environmental impacts of marine renewable energies on marine mammal populations.

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