Marine Habitat Monitoring

The ROV has the ability to retrieve underwater images in depths down to 100m. A grabber has been installed allowing for simple operations as grab samples, cut cables etc. This equipment allows retrieving video image and data on marine communities, easily overcoming the marine environment harsh logistics.

In the summer of 2012 WavEC acquired an observational class ROV. The ROV has the ability to operate in virtually any marine environment and retrieve images in depths down to 100m. It has two  cameras onboard, sonar system, dGPS, laser scaling and a grabber, The grabber function and the laser scaling system have been installed allowing for simple underwater operations (grab samples, cut cables etc) and to scale the images obtained respectively. This allows for a broader range of ROV applications which include:

- Biological surveys such as the evaluation of colonisation patterns on the seabed or on artificial structures like marine renewable energy devices, sample collection and studies of species composition and abundance

- Visual/structural inspections (i.e. WEC devices, cables, moorings)

- Biological surveys (i.e. colonization patterns, sample collection, animal density)

- Simple interventions at 100 m depth

- Retrieval of moored instruments