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In my internship atWavec I had the excellent opportunity of working with an innovative team and in a cooperative friendly work environment. I was involved in a project and developed Linux skills that I did not possess before. It was an outstanding occasion to complement my academic background in a practical and fulfilling way.

Mariana Correia
HPC & DataScience Intern

At WavEC I had my first contact with what I believe to be one of the most alluring applications of engineering: Research & Development. It was a privilege to have the opportunity of working with a multidisciplinary team, that applies its vast knowledge to bring new solutions to real world needs. In my case, I learned and implemented advanced Deep Learning algorithms to estimate and predict weather conditions through image processing

Pedro Ferro Pereira
HPC & DataScience Intern

WavEC is part of an important period of my professional career, where I gained several skills in different technological areas, general management and Human Resources management, where I was always encouraged to pursuit for new challenges. I can say that are few companies where you can find a group of people so united and competent, performing innovative projects with such close relation with the industry.

Pedro Pires
ATPL Student/ Former WavECTechnology Area Coordinator

I started as an intern at the WavEC and ended up staying for 5 more years. WavEC is an excellent place for a young professional. It gives you all the space and freedom to learn and explore your strength and weaknesses. I had the opportunity to go to different conference, workshops and courses all over Europe. This gave me a broad perspective of the wave energy industry all over the world and also to have a huge network of people from all over the world. Without WavEC I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.

Soraya Hamawi
Project Manager and Consultant / Former Project Manager and researcher

I liked the lovely small group of passionate colleagues about renewables with a mixed profile and age and very high dedication of work

Philipp Quante
Senior Business Development Manager at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

A Operação&Manutenção da Central de Ondas do Pico foi um grande desafio: uma instalação pioneira, com tecnologia inovadora, e instalada num local de extremos.

Recordo a experiência como um privilégio, pelas características únicas do projecto e pelo suporte que tive por parte do WavEC.

São projectos como este, nobres no objetivo e arrojados na implementação, que deixam a sua marca no progresso cientifico.

Mark Araújo
Bosch / Antigo Técnico Central do Pico

WavEC gave me a lot of freedom to peruse my work and research interests and were always supportive of new initiatives. I was also given opportunities to collaborate on other projects outside of my primary remit which helped broaden my skills set.

Kieran Monk
Plymouth University / Former Pico Plant operator

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