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WavEC Events

Seminar 2011

Offshore Renewable Energy and its Potential for the Outermost Regions

The Wave Energy Centre’s annual event took place on the 15th of September 2011 at Enotel Lido - Conference Resort & Spa, Madeira Island, Portugal, together with a series of other international events in the scope of our projects.


The seminar, entitled Offshore Renewable Energy and its Potential for the Outermost Regions aimed to focus on national and international projects in the offshore field, and also presented the economical sea use with relevance for ultra-peripheral regions.


08:30 Registration

09:00 Open Keynote & Welcome Remarks – Vice President of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, João Cunha e Silva and Secretary of State for Sea Affairs, Manuel Pinto de Abreu

SESSION I: Portugal and the Situation on Renewable Offshore Energies

Moderator: Custódio Miguéns (ENERGYIN)

09:15 The Role of WavEC and ENERGYIN
António Sarmento, WavEC

09:30 Promoting a National Roadmap on Offshore Renewable Energies
Nuno Matos, WavEC

09:45 The WindFloat Project
Alla Weinstein, WindPlus

10:00 Progress on the Portuguese Pilot Zone for Wave Energy
João Cardoso, Ocean Plug

10:15 Marine Spatial Planning in the Portuguese ZEE
Margarida Almodôvar, INAG

10:30 Coffee Break

SESSION II: Sea Use with Relevance for Ultra-Peripheral Regions

Moderator: José Manuel Melim Mendes (AREAM)

11:00 International Real-scale Project Overview
Frank Neumann, WavEC

11:15 The concept and design of a multiuse offshore feeder of 200 tons
José Cruz, Aquailha

11:30 Use of Microalgae for Biofuel Production
Agostinho Figueira, Electricidade da Madeira

11:45 Seaweed-to-fuel Business for Energy Conversion
Pål Bakken, Seaweed Energy Solutions

12:00 Carnegie Wave Energy- Wave Energy Generation on Islands
Greg Allen, Carnegie Wave Energy Limited

12:15 Debate

13:00 Lunch (Offered by Electricidade da Madeira and Grupo Sousa)

SESSION III: International Initiatives

Moderator: Frank Neumann (WavEC)

14:30 International Vision on Ocean Energy Systems
John Huckerby, OES-Ocean Energy Systems

14:45 Orkney’s Global Role in the Drive to Harness Energy from the Seas
Gareth Davis, Aquatera, UK

15:00 Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands - PLOCAN
Javier Gonzalez, PLOCAN, Spain

15:15 Belmullet Wave Energy Test Site in Ireland
Eoin Sweeney, SEAI, Ireland

15:30 An OWC Project in Jeju Island, Korea
Keyyong Hong, MOERI, Korea

15:45 Debate

16:00 Coffee Break

SESSION IV: Roundtable Discussion "How to Assure a Promising Future?"

Moderator: António Sarmento (WavEC)

Speakers: António Sá da Costa, APREN; Francisco Botelho, EDA; John Huckerby, OES-Ocean Energy Systems; Frederico Cardigos, Azorean Regional Government, Secretary for the Environment and the Sea; Tony Lewis, University College Cork

17:30 Closing Session


On the occasion of the Annual Seminar, WavEC organised two other events, that will took place on the 13th and 14th of September, at the same venue:

- The 21st Executive Committee Meeting of the OES-IA - Implementing Agreement on Ocean Energy Systems gathered representatives of 19 country members of the IEA, together with invited personalities from other international countries – day 13 and 14 of September.

- Day 14 September: The Aquaret2 project course Environmental Assessment was lectured on this day by the environment department of WavEC.

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