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Press Room

Press Releases

Global energy leaders to unite in Portugal as first offshore wind auction begins
23 November / 2023
Portugal prepares to open call for ‘demonstrations of interest’ in new era for offshore wind
26 October / 2023
Registration Open for WavEC Seminar 2023
27 September / 2023
MARINEWIND: A New HORIZON Europe Project to Accelerate the Uptake of Floating Offshore Wind Technology
14 July / 2023
IEA-OES publishes a brochure highlighting progress in the Tidal Current Energy sector
16 May / 2023
Save The Date: DECEMBER 6, 2023 WavEC Seminar
10 May / 2023
PivotBuoy Final Workshop Event Showcases Successful Offshore Wind Energy Generation System
27 March / 2023
SCARLET - Superconducting Cables for Europe’s Clean Energy Future
18 January / 2023
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Market Study on Ocean Energy
Wave Energy Pico Plant (only portuguese version)
Ocean Energy in Insular Conditions
The State of Knowledge for Environmental Effects
Licensing Guidance for Marine Renewable Energy Projects in Portugal
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Scientific Papers

Dissertation and final study projects

Diogo Batalha Lopes: PhD Thesis On the Modelling of Oscillating Foils for Wave Propulsion - The present work investigates theoretical and CFD numerical methods to model a non-conventional marine vessel propulsion concept involving oscillating hydrofoils. 



WavEC institutional Video 2020
22 December / 2020
Video WavEC Seminar 2019
19 December / 2019
02 February / 2018
Thétis EMR 2015
23 November / 2017
KIC OTS - Buoy Deployment
16 November / 2017
WavEC Wave Pico Plant, Azores, Portugal
01 February / 2017
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