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Current Projects


In the SEASNAKE project, a new MV electric cable solution will be developed.


Joint action for the first systematic approach on the topic of underwater noise.


Development of a new class wave energy converter based on hydrodynamic lift forces.


Demonstration of an innovative mooring solution for floating solar systems.


The FLOAWER Innovative Training Network will provide 13 Early Stage Researchers with interdisciplinary training.


Twinning for an Offshore Wind Energy Partnership.


SISMAR aims to increase safety in inland waterway navigation.


Pivotbuoy aims to reduce drastically the cost of energy of floating wind through the validation of an innovative single point mooring system.


Support of the development and testing of marine renewable technologies in 7 European test zones.


The GRRIP will incorporate RRI ("Responsible, Research and Innovation") sustainable practices into 5 marine research organizations.


Wave Energy in Southern Europe.


Development, validation and optimization of structural health monitoring strategies for wind farms.


Accelerate the deployment of ocean energy taking into account the optimization of the resources and benefits for society.


Development of a platform to support offshore aquaculture.


Developing design tools for ocean energy technologies, from the conception, to the development and deployment stages.


Designing, testing and validating a crosscutting Direct Drive Power Take-Off solution to be used with multiple types of wave energy converter.


Developing a generic PTO for integration into wave-type devices of the type arises in order to be mass produced.


Science and Technology Policies - Exploitation of the Deep Sea and of Oil & Gas in the South Atlantic region.


European research infrastructure and facilities network (wave and tidal).

Past Projects


Development of a robotic manipulator to equip ROVs.


Demonstration of the GRAVI3 technology – innovative gravity foundation for offshore wind.


The HiWave project is focused on the development of a wave energy technology by the Swedish company Corpower.


Development of a robotic arm for Offshore operations.


The objective of MARINERG-i is to become the leading internationally distributed infrastructure in the Marine Renewable Energy sector


MERIKA deals among others, with environmental related issues of offshore wind devices and their planning.

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Scientific Papers

Journal Publications

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Conference Publications and Presentations

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Journal Publications

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