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Aquatic Renewable Energy Technologies. This project funded by the European Commission was related to the development of online e-learning sessions within aquatic renewable energy technologies in order to inform the general public and stimulate companies to the aquatic renewable energy industry.


Aqua-RET2 aimed to continue the dissemination activities and transfer of technology in the sector. Aqua-RET2’s aims and objectives were 1) to identify the labour market needs of the marine renewable sector and ancillary businesses on a sectoral and geographical basis 2) to select, adapt and further develop existing material from Aqua-RET to meet identified labour market needs 3) to integrate the new innovative training content into the work place by piloting new training programmes from which outputs will be transferred geographically and between sectors to ensure that training is more responsive to changes in labour market needs 4) to facilitate the transfer of skills from ancillary sectors to the marine renewables sector.


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