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AquaWind project aims to perform, for the first time, a demonstration test of a multi-use (MU) integrated and co-located solution by joining floating wind technology with an innovative aquaculture solution. AquaWind brings together efforts from a multidisciplinary stakeholders’ consortia, including R&D centres, companies and a regional authority, whilst ensuring stakeholder engagement throughout all project phases and enhance social acceptance. Thus, the project will provide a route map for regulatory and legal issues that need to be addressed for real implementation of MU projects. By allowing the joint activity to be digitised and remotely operated, AquaWind will capture real data and become the new Wind to Power (W2Power) prototype in a commercial solution. This MU proposal presents a range of economic, environmental, and social sustainability benefits. It will provide a business model case and exploitation plan to evaluate cost reductions of commissioning, maintenance and operation of the combined activity, including the TRL evolution of the prototype. Furthermore, the real data will feed into the monitoring campaign to evaluate the environmental impact in surrounding maritime space following CO2 footprint.


WavEC Results


WavEC’s team is composed of specialists with a broad range of experience on offshore installations, including environmental impact assessment, legislation and licensing, public policies, dissemination, and public outreach. Building on its involvement in other EU projects, WavEC will play a pivotal role in ensuring optimal resource use for the design of the prototype and in the environmental assessment of this project. This will include life cycle assessments, baseline characterisation of the existing environment and environmental impact assessments.


General Information


Funding: European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF)
WaVEC Coordinator: Inês Machado
Total Funding (Requested Contribution): € 1,333,605.2
WavEC Funding: € 108,797.6
Duration: September 2022 – August 2025
Coordinator: Gobierno de Canarias
Partners: Gobierno de Canarias, Consulta Europa Projects and Innovation SL, Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Fundacion Canaria Parque Cientifico Tecnologico de la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Consorcio para el Diseno, Contruccion, Equipamiento Y Explotacion de la Plataforma Oceanica de Canarias, Associacion Cluster Maritimo de Canarias, EnerOcean S.L., Innosea, WavEC Offshore Renewables – Centro de Energia Offshore, Canarias Explotaciones Marinas SL.


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