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ASTRIIS is a mobilizing project aiming to develop technical and scientific knowledge to conceive and implement a batch of information services and products, seamlessly integrated and customizable along with its respective demonstrative prototypes. Such outputs will be applied and exploited in key sectors of the blue economy with high development potential and value creation.


The co-promoters intend to break with the present day paradigm based on fragmentation or existing gaps of information and knowledge about the marine space, which inhibit the development of economic sectors in the realm of the blue economy, with high growth and value creation potential, such as tourism, offshore renewables and aquaculture along with marine safety.



General Information


Project Coordinator at WavEC: José Cândido
Total Funding (Requested contribution):  € 4.136.103,17
WavEC Funding: € 202.514,02
Duration: May 2021 – June 2023 (36 months)
Coordinator: TEKEVER Space
Partners: + ATLANTIC CoLAB co-promoted by CEiiA, ISR, MARETEC and CERENA - Instituto Superior Técnico, LSTS - Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Universidade do Algarve, Universidade do Minho, ISQ, Tekever AS, WavEC, Oceanscan, Abyssal, Hidromod and Spinworks.


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