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BlueCAO projet has the aim to develop an offshore platform concept to supply energy and feed offshore aquaculture farms based on an aggregation of coaxial oscillating water columns (OWCs) assembled to a central food deposit.


WavEC Results


  • Characterization of the conventional fish feeding operation (reference case)


  • Assessment of the wave energy resource for the selected location


  • Calculation of an estimation of the power required for the operation of the aquaculture support platform


  • Collaboration in defining the geometry of the platform.


General Information


Funding: Fundo Azul
Project Coordinator at WavEC: Miguel Vicente
Total Funding (Requested contribution): € 220 991
WavEC Funding: € 92 140
Duration: July 2018 – December 2020 (14 months)
Coordinator: WavEC Offshore Renewables
Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico, Secil, Rota Grega, Kymaner.


Illustrative video of the moorings design for BlueCAO's platform

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