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EU-SCORES is a highly ambitious EU-funded project aimed at demonstrating and unlocking the large-scale potential of multi-source, offshore renewable energy farms across different European sea basins. This will be achieved through two highly comprehensive and impactful demonstrations: (1) An offshore solar PV system in Belgium co-located with a bottom fixed windfarm and; (2) A wave energy array in Portugal co-located with a floating wind farm.


The multi-source demonstrations in EU-SCORES will showcase the benefits of a continuous power output harnessing the complementarity between wind, sun and waves as it leads to a more resilient and stable power system, higher capacity factors and a lower total cost per MWh. These aspects will also improve the business case for the production of green hydrogen within these parks. The full-scale demonstrations will prove how the increased power output and capacity installed per km2 will reduce the amount of marine space needed, thereby leaving more space for aquaculture, fisheries, shipping routes and environmentally protected zones.



WavEC Results


WavEC will have a key role on the demonstration the wave- wind project integration in Portugal in terms of engineering and environmental assessment and monitoring, namely leading tasks related to O&M planning and optimal maintenance strategy development, demonstrating the potential of autonomous monitoring solutions. WavEC will be responsible for carrying out detailed studies on the economic and social impacts of a multi-source park arrangements on jobs and local communities. Finally, leveraging on its experience in offshore renewables business development, WavEC will be involved in the development of techno-economic assessments for multi-source systems, resource analysis and numerical modelling, but also study the business case for integrating green hydrogen production in multi-source offshore renewable energy farms.



General Information


Funding: H2020
Project Coordinator at WavEC: Francisco Correia da Fonseca
Total Funding (Requested contribution): € 34,951,532.83
WavEC Funding: € 1,307,750.00
Duration: September 2021 – September 2025 (48 months)
Coordinator: DMEC
Partners: Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC), Oceans of Energy, TU Delft, SBM offshore, POM West-Vlaanderen (POM), RWE Renewables (RWE), CorPower Ocean, Uppsala University, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT), Enel Green Power, RINA offshore consultants, INNOSEA – a AqualisBraemar LOC Group company, EDP Labelec, WavEC Offshore Renewables, INESC TEC, Exceedence, Western Star Wave – a Simply Blue Group company.

Supported by: IRO (Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry), ENECO Group, Redes Enérgeticas Nacionais, Parkwind, Ocean Winds, Energie Baden-Württemberg.


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