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On the path towards meeting European and global emissions and renewable generation targets, one of the key challenges is maintaining a secure and reliable electricity supply with high penetrations. The EVOLVE project will model future energy generation, taking in consideration supply and demand scenarios, from distribution to balancing and storage/back-up. This will allow to evaluate whether, where and how ocean energy options can make a significantly positive and profitable contribution to future energy systems as secure, clean and efficient energy sources.


This project will reinforce development of marine energy while supporting emissions reduction, renewables targets and security supply requirements in a cost-effective way. Hence benefitting a wide range of stakeholders including technology developers, regulators, policymakers, electricity system operators and project investors.


WavEC Results


The collaboration of WavEC in the EVOLVE project will contribute to the understanding of the potential role of ocean energy in the future European energy scenario thorough spatial and temporal modelling.


WavEC has collaborated in numerous national and European research projects, as well as in provision of services. This has enhanced our expertise in developing multicriteria analysis tools, decision support/investment planning, energy resource analysis, mapping and assessment of the suitability conditions for the development of marine renewable energy. Thus, WavEC will be leading the planning of energy mix scenarios, through acquisition of metocean data, characterization of the different ocean energy resources and identification of demand and supply patterns. Plus, WavEC’s experience in the development of modelling energy costs, as well as offshore renewable energy market studies and scenario modelling, will be an asset for economic energy modelling in this project.


General Information


Funding: FCT
Project Coordinator at WavEC: Miguel Vicente
Total Funding (Requested contribution): € 103,600.00

WavEC Funding: € 10,280.00
Duration: January 2021 – December 2022
Coordinator: Aquatera Limited
Partners: The University of Edinburgh, WavEC – Offshore Renewables, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, CorPower Ocean, Orbital Marine Power Ltd.


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