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GRRIP aims to ground sustainable Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) practices in the marine sector through institutional and cultural change. It takes five marine organisations as case studies, of which WavEC belong to one. GRRIP recognises that action plans for change in RRI should be tailored to each sector and organisation. The first stage towards this is auditing people, practices and procedures within each organisation which support RRI currently. The second stage is identifying gaps or needs for grounding RRI more sustainably and adding these to the audit results. The full audit will be used to design action plans for change in RRI.


WavEC Results


  • Development of an action plan for institutional and cultural changes at WavEC which includes, for example, the promotion of gender equality, interaction with society, knowledge sharing, etc.


General Information


Funding: H2020
Project Coordinator at WavEC: Ana Brito e Melo
Total Funding (Requested EU contribution): € 1 496 469
WavEC Funding: € 90 250
Duration: January 2019 – December 2022 (48 months)
Coordinator: University College Cork
Partners: University College Cork, Swansea University, Ecole Centrale Nantes, Consorcio para El Diseno, Consiglio Nazionale Delle Recherche, Hochschule Rhein Waal HSNW Rhine, Stichting Katholieke Universiteit, De Montfort University, Dublin City University, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, International Consortium of Research Staff and WavEC Offshore Renewables.


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