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The main project objective is to reduce the cost of energy (LCOE) of floating wind by 50% through the validation of the "PivotBuoy" (TRL3), an innovative subsystem that reduces the costs of mooring systems and floating platforms, allows faster and cheaper installation and a more reliable and sustainable operation. The PivotBuoy system combines the advantages of Single Point Mooring systems (SPM - pre-installation of the mooring and connection system using small vessels) with those of tension-leg systems (TLPs - weight reduction, reduced mooring length and enhanced stability), enabling a radical weight reduction of 50% to 90% in floating wind systems compared to current spar and semi-submersible systems but also enabling a critical simplification in the installation of traditional TLP systems. The project proposes validating the concept at PLOCAN test site, integrating a part-scale prototype of the PivotBuoy single point mooring system in a 225kW downwind floating platform developed by X1 WIND. By testing in a relevant environment, the project will also validate critical innovations related to assembly, installation and O&M techniques, reaching TRL5 at the project end.


Wavec is active in three main areas: performance assessment & numerical modelling; LCOE modelling, business case and life cycle analysis (LCA); dissemination of the project results.


General Information


Funding: H2020
WavEC Coordinator: António Maximiano
Total Funding (Requested EU contribution): € 3 960 065
WavEC Funding: € 224 214
Duration: April 2019 – April 2022 (36 months)
Coordinator: X1 Wind (exponential renewables S.L.)
Partners: ESM Energie, Plocan, INTECSEA B.V., EDP CNET (NEW R&D), DTU (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet), DNV GL UK Limited, Desarrollo Y Gestion Industrial Y Del Medio Ambiente SA and WavEC Offshore Renewables.