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The overall objective of the project is to achieve a successful demonstration of the novel designs and materials for an ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)..


WavEC Contribuition


In the PLOTEC project, WavEC will lead WP4, whose main objective is to assess and quantify the impacts of this project on the sustainability of the technology and on the socio-economic added value. The studies in this WP will validate the solution based on economic, environmental, and human-centered needs, enabling rapid adoption of the solution through knowledge and assessment of the sentiment of end users, key beneficiaries, national and regional energy advocacy partners, and the relevant governments and policymakers.

WavEC will also contribute to the dissemination of the project, helping to increase awareness and understanding of the benefits provided by OTEC. It will do this by elaborating reports and guides to inform a range of actors (government and industry as a key focus) on the advancement of OTEC and the applicability of this technology in Small Islands and Developing States, Equatorial regions, coastal Africa and across the Asia Pacific region. It will also create a range of energy policy focused documents to promote the project’s solution through a clear comparison with existing offshore renewables, fossil fuels, and other on market energy solutions.


General Information


Funding: Horizon Europe

WavEC Coordinator: Ana Brito e Melo

Total Funding (Requested Contribution): € 1 322 523.08

WavEC Funding: € 335 000

Duration: November 2022 – April 2025 (30 months)

Coordinator: Consorcio para el Diseno, Construccion, Equipamiento y Explotacion de la Plataforma Oceanica de Canarias (PLOCAN)

Partners: PLOCAN, WavEC, Quality Culture, AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Global OTEC Resources Ltd., Cleantech Engineering Limited, University of Plymouth


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