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The aim of the SafeWAVE project consists of overcoming non-technological barriers that could hinder the future development of one of the main pillars of the EU Blue Growth strategy. The project generated with the project will serve to better inform decision-makers and managers on environmental risks, reduce environmental consenting uncertainty, the development of country-specific licensing guidance’s and suitability maps for WE developments based on MSP decision support tools for most of the EU countries in the Atlantic Arch. Project main activities includes:

✓The improvement of the current knowledge on the environmental effects and risks of WE through the collection, processing, analysis and sharing of environmental data around devices operating at sea;

✓ Modelling of cumulative impacts of future larger scale WE deployments.



General Information


Funding: European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

Project Coordinator at WavEC: Pedro Vinagre
Total Funding (Requested contribution): € 1 514 696

WavEC Funding: € 180 170
Duration: October 2020 – September 2023
Coordinator: AZTI
Partners: WavEC Offshore Renewables, AZTI, BiMEP, HIDROMOD, UCC - Univeristy College Cork, ECN, CORPOWER, WELLO, GEPS-Techno.



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