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The goal of this project is to engage a large number of European stakeholders to identify practical solutions to removing a range of barriers to large scale wave and tidal energy deployment, and to deliver a common strategy for ensuring maximal wave and tidal installed capacity by 2020 – paving the way for exponential market growth in the 2030 and 2050 timeframe.

There will be a focus on the level of resource available, the existing and more advanced technologies and the policies of each target country, in order to develop a market deployment strategy. There will also be an increasing participation and input from the commercial sector, namely utilities, large industrial organizations and technology developers.

WavEC collaborates in all work packages of this project, providing partners with data needed for the elaboration of the assessment reports. It will also provide support in management and dissemination actions to the project leader.


General Information

Funding: Intelligent Energy Europe
WavEC Coordinator: Alex Raventos
Total Funding (Requested EU contribution): € 754 000
WavEC Funding: € 50 625
Duration: 25 June 2012 – 24 June 2014 (24 months)
Coordinator: European Ocean Energy Association
Partners: European Ocean Energy Association (Europe), Wave energy centre (Portugal), University of Edinburgh (UK), DHI (Denmark), RenewableUK (UK), Carbon Trust (UK), Joint Research Center (Europe)

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