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The overall objective of TWIND is to create a network of excellence that will dynamize a pool of specialized research professionals and trainers in the domain of offshore wind energy to support an emerging industry in Portugal in a field with a very strong anticipated growth and no dedicated existing training curriculum.


WavEC will be the pivot research institution of the low performing Member State (Portugal) coordinating efforts with internationally leading counterparts at the EU level (Spain, UK and The Netherlands) and enhancing its excellence and innovation capacity through the exchange of knowledge with these leading research organizations. The combining capabilities of partners will open the grounds to exploit existing research results and invest in developing more knowledge.


WavEC Results


  • Coordination of a set of strategic activities well-structured throughout the project including specific training programmes on thematic topics, short-term scientific meetings, long-term staff visits, networking meetings, attendance to relevant conferences in the field, knowledge transfer workshops with stakeholders and an annual event.


  • The networking activities and exchange of knowledge will stimulate research activities and highly qualified services that impact the economy and the society, thus benefitting not only WavEC and the partner organisations, but in general Portugal.


General Information


Funding: H2020
Coordinator of the project at WavEC: Janete Gonçalves
Total Funding (Requested contribution): € 795 825
WavEC Funding: € 244 375
Duration: July 2019 – December 2022 (42 months)
Coordinator: WavEC Offshore Renewables
Partners: Fundacion Tecnalia Research, ORE Catapult and TU Delft.


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