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Project Development

Based on our knowledge on supply chain needs, capacities, constraints and opportunities on marine renewable energies and other sectors of the Blue Economy, we assist customers on project development, procurement & manufacturing, assembly, installation and O&M. We work across multiple disciplines with an extensive experience on offshore environments.

Francisco Correia da Fonseca
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Based on our expert knowledge of complex systems and power take off mechanisms, we help clients to design efficient and robust devices. We work across many sectors and we support our clients through all stages of device and technology development.


  • Site screening
  • Support on licensing process
  • Regulator and stakeholder liaison
  • Resource assessment
  • Constraints mapping and metocean data analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Layout design
  • Field testing and onsite support
  • Planning and conduction of public/ local communities consultation events
  • Instrumentation and data acquisition
  • Power production and performance evaluation
  • Logistics and O&M planning & Optimization
  • Cost assessment
  • Procurement and Tender support

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