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Environmental Monitoring

Based on our expert knowledge of complex marine environments, we help clients to sustainably harness, manage and preserve marine resources around the world. We work across many sectors and at all scales, from international projects and multinational energy suppliers to local community groups, with a particularly strong track record in offshore wind.

Inês Machado
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A comprehensive range of environmental services, combining years of experience and know-how at the laboratory and in the open sea:


  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental monitoring campaigns design and undertaking
  • Development of monitoring plans for general ecosystem components
  • Underwater acoustic measurements and characterization of noise sources
  • Acoustic modelling: noise source, noise propagation, noise maps
  • Marine mammals’ observation and acoustics (through the use of hydrophones and C-PODs)
  • Biological surveys through imagery analysis (possibility of imagery collection with ROV)
  • Habitat mapping and marine spatial planning through geographic information systems (SIG)
  • Life Cycle Assessment for products and technologies
  • Biofouling characterization and identification of invasive species
  • Ocean cleaning solutions
  • Design of experiments to test anti-fouling materials and techniques
  • Planning and conduction of public/ local communities consultation events

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