WavEC Reports

The Wave Energy Centre offers services to its associates and non associate and has been developing consulting reports, since its early days. The reports are in majority confidential, thus not available for the general public.

Licensing Guidance for Marine Renewable Energy Projects in Portugal (Mainland Coast) (Sep. 2016)

This Guidance is aimed at describing the various steps of the licensing process of MRE projects to be located in the Portuguese continental coast, excluding the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira and the Portuguese Pilot Zone - Ocean Plug (the concession of this zone is granted by Enondas, Energia das Ondas, S.A. and its designation and management is defined in specific laws), in order to support:
• The developers of MRE projects during installation, operation and decommissioning of their device(s) and infrastructures and also,
• Other stakeholders intervening or interested in the licensing process.
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Offshore Renewable Energy. Current status - Future Perspectives for Portugal (OTEO project, 2014)

This book provide the reader with a global perspective on the state of national and international development of offshore renewable energy technologies as well as support technologies, whose authors are recognized researchers, technologists, developers and associations involved in promoting entrepreneurship and competitiveness in offshore renewable energy sector. Topics such as the state of the art of offshore renewable energies, market development, value chain, future prospects and a technological roadmap are presented in this issue.
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WavEC Sustainability Report 2013-2014

This document is the second Sustainability Report of WavEC and its main objective is to provide information on its performance in 2013-2014. It is with great pleasure that we present this report with the new goals, the objectives for continuous improvement and a vision of the evolution of the institution over the last decade.

In 2013 and 2014 WavEC had a good performance, having managed to overcome, with growth, a particularly difficult period at national level, and in a transition period between FP7 and Horizon 2020. The growth to which I refer was not only in financial terms, although this indicator is also important. I also refer to the diversification of its activities, in terms of the themes covered and their integration and relevance in the national and international context.
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WavEC Sustainability Report 2012

This document is the first Sustainability Report of WavEC and its main objective is to provide information on its performance in 2012.

The Sustainability Report intends to assess the Centre’s activities, under an integrated perspective, in which the economic, social and environmental performance is evaluated, in order to follow best practice on sustainability reporting, following the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), version 3.1.

The performance analysis is assessed under two perspectives: the rationale of Centre’s management and the perspective of the indirect impact of its activity.
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Tecnologias de Energia Renovável Marítima em Portugal, 2010
Client: National energy company – Confidential

Preliminary Site Selection for an OWC project in Portugal, 2010
Client: Confidential

MARKET STUDY: Development Program for Marine Renewable Energy Test Facilities in Portugal, 2010
Client: EnergyIN

MARKET STUDY: Estado da Arte: Energia das Ondas e Eólico Offshore, 2010
Client: EnergyIN

WindFloat Project: Permitting and Licensing Process, 2009
Client: Principle Power Portugal

Ocean Energy: State of the Art, 2009
Client: European Ocean Energy Association

5 Years Activity Report of WavEC 2003-20085 Years Activity Report of WavEC 2003-2008 (Available for download)

The WavEC's 5 year activity report informs about our projects, field of intervention and dissemination activities. It contains a list of publications and has a brief description of our team.

Wind Offshore Status and Opportunities, 2008
Client: National energy company - Confidential

This study informed the client about the offshore wind energy state of art, market opportunities and international political scenery; global vision of legal aspects and environmental apprehension and Portuguese business opportunity.

Wave Energy: State of the Art, 2007
Client: National energy company - Confidential

The report focused the wave energy are, mainly the technical, commercial, economic, environmental, R&D aspects. The report had the intention to give a global vision of this field in order for the client to invest in this area.

Site selection for the exploitation of wave energy on the Western coast of Portugal, 2007
Client: National energy company - Confidential

Site selection study for the installation of offshore wave energy farms, with indication of possible barriers on the Portuguese coast. This study also presents the diverse technology types, the economic involvement and the perspective of environmental impacts of large scale utilization of wave energy.

Wave energy technology developers & relevant support systems in key markets, 2007
Client: European energy company - Confidential

The report presents a global view of wave energy technology developers and its main activities, as well as public support in certain key-markets. 56 wave energy technology systems are described.

Actual and comprehensive perspective of the wave energy sector, 2007
Client: European energy company - Confidential

This report gives an overview of the estimated energy resource and market size. Further it gives a description of what is going on in all the relevant countries in the world that are involved in wave energy. The final chapter deals with the future development of the industry.

Due Diligence, 2007
Client: Multinatioal energy company

Participation in due diligence process related to an advanced wave energy device with technical recommendations.

Wave Energy Technologies Evaluation Study, 2006
Client: National energy company - Confidential

The WavEC has been requested to deliver a report with an initial evaluation of wave energy technologies and contribute for a possible decision of the client to enter into the wave energy sector. The study focuses all the relevant activities in this area, having grouped the technologies into 4 major and different stages of development.

Preliminary Site Selection Study for Demonstration Wave Farm in Portugal, 2005
Client: Multinational oil company - Confidential

The present study has been elaborated with the scope to indicate 5 preferable locations for offshore wave farm development along the Portuguese Continental coastline in the near future and describe the available information related to wave energy in Portugal, such as geological characteristics, bathymetry, resources, protected areas, grid connection capacity, etc.

Potential and Strategy for the Development of Wave Energy in PortugalPotential and Strategy for the Development of Wave Energy in Portugal, 2004 (Available for download)
Client: Energy and Geology Directorate General (available for general public)

This study shows that the Western coast of Portugal offers favorable conditions to the exploitation of wave energy. Possible conflicts with fishery and navigation should be further analyzed in detail. However, this is not considered to be an obstacle to the installation of wave energy farm in the future.