Roadmapping Offshore Renewables in Portugal

The objective of this project is to bring an engineering systems approach to the development of a novel design methodology of roadmaps of renewable and clean energy systems that includes uncertainty management, monitoring an update tools. This requires the definition of a holistic methodology that combines engineering approaches, such as systems modelling and optimization with social sciences methodologies for forecasting such as Delphi techniques. The methodology will be applied to a case study of great relevance for Portuguese social and economical development, which is the development of a Portuguese roadmap for the marine energies, to be developed by the national network for marine energies under the scope of a parallel project.

WavEC will be responsible for the coordination of Task 2 and sub-task 3.2, and will be collaborating on Tasks 1 and 5, and sub-task 3.1. On Task 2, WavEC will be conducting a state of the art analysis for wave and offshore wind energy technology and identifying the main constraints and areas of opportunity for these technologies. On sub-task 3.1 a way to characterize the potential sources of uncertainties around roadmap design will be developed, which will then be an input on the optimization model to be developed on sub-task 3.2. Task 1 assesses existing roadmaps on renewable and clean energy technologies and Task 5 applies the knowledge gathered on previous tasks in the case-study of the Portuguese marine energy roadmap.

General Information

Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Team Coordinator: Alex Raventos
Total Funding (Requested FCT contribution): € 173 110
WavEC Funding: € 43 641
Duration: 1 February 2010 – 31 January 2013 (36 months)
Coordinator: IDMEC Lisboa/IST/UTL
Partners: IDMEC-IST (Portugal), WavEC (Portugal), LNEG (Portugal), CEEETA (Portugal)