Public Policies and Dissemination

The Portuguese good natural resources in terms of wind and wave, the mild temperature, the excellent infrastructures as harbors and electric grid (near the coastline), as well as favorable regulation and administrative conditions and knowledge of several R&D institutions (including WavEC) makes Portugal a country in the forefront of the potential exploitation of marine renewable energy.

Nevertheless some barriers remain and need to be overcome, in particular when technology starts to surpass its immaturity phase of development. Strong outreach activities are necessary both to the public sector – to solve problems as licensing that are complex and time-consuming, and to the private sector – to invest in these activities, as onshore renewable energy farm developers or as industry that may invest in the reconversion of its activities. However it is also important to win the support of the general public, and involve them in the construction of public policies that will lead Portugal to a low-carbon economy.

The WavEC decided to create in 2010 the Public Policies and Dissemination Area in order to reinforce its role in the promotion of Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) both at national and international level. This area has striven to communicate a clear message of the state of the art of technologies and the development of associated policies to a wide range of stakeholders, R&D entities and general public. It has focused mainly on the following issues:

. An appeal to the development of MRE
. Increase of awareness of the potential economical benefits of these energies
. Creation of strong linkages with industry leader companies, top managers and the public administration
. Development of the cooperation with media and the community
. Promotion of debates regarding the development of these forms of energy
. Foster the development of legislation
. Cooperation with other countries to launch new businesses


Strategies and Policies
WavEC offers national and international technical and strategic support to companies, R&D institutions, governmental bodies and local authorities in diverse areas: MRE Legislation, Feed-in-tariff to stimulate MRE, Portuguese Pilot Zone, Roadmap for MRE, Portuguese Maritime Spatial Planning, National Strategy for Integrated Coastal Zone Management and others.


OTEO, Offshore Energy Technology Observatory

Atlantic Power Cluster

Demowfloat (with technology area)

Waveport (with environment area)

PolyWEC (with modelling area)

OceaNET (with modelling area)


Training and workshops
Bearing in mind the above mentioned necessity approach to the public administration, the WavEC develops free training actions for top officials of this sector. Similar training actions are planned for the private sector.

Outreach activities
In cooperation with energy developers and technology owners the WavEC promotes outreach activities to local entities and general public in areas where the MRE devices are planned to be installed.

Websites and Social Media
Besides our own website, WavEC’s NPPD is responsible for the development and maintenance of most of the internet websites of projects in which it participates. Furthermore WavEC is active in social media and strives to keep up with new technologies.

WavEC organizes every year an international Seminar with more than 150 participants and renowned national and international speakers.

B2B events
WavEC promotes workshops for business development between Portuguese and foreign companies alongside its Seminar.

Taking advantage of WavEC’s participation in several European projects, a vast network of partnerships has been set up. With the creation of the Public Policies and Dissemination Area this network was increased to public and private partners, both national and international, internet websites, conference organizing bodies, magazines, environmental and energy NGO’s, structures and Sea Fora, among others.

Department powerpoint presentation at WavEC Seminar 2012.

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