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WavEC Events

Seminar 2010

Offshore Renewable Energies: Unsolved Problem or Promising Future?

The Wave Energy Centre’s next annual event took place on the 14th of May 2010 at the Lisbon Congress Centre, integrated in the RENEXPO PORTUGAL, an International conference and Trade Fair on Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency.


In the scope of present developments in the area of offshore renewable energy in the world, specifically regarding wave energy and offshore wind, namely fixed on floating platforms, WavEC’s event puts the following question: Offshore Renewable Energies: Unsolved Problem or Promising Future?



01) ENERGYIN/PCTE and the Portuguese investment on Offshore Energy / ENERGYIN/PCTE - Custódio Miguéns
02) Offshore Energy Structure - António Sarmento
03) Creation of Portuguese Roadmap / MIT-Portugal – Carlos Silva
04) Spain: Strategies of diverse regions / APPA - Spanish Association of Renewable Energy Producers – Luis Mingo
05) European Roadmap / EU-OEA - Karl Stromsem


06) Projecto FLOW by Martifer / Martifer - João Cardoso
07) Standpoint-Wavebob Project / Generg - Ricardo Jesus
08) Oceanlinx - Oportunities in Wave Energy / Oceanlinx - Nathan Faulks
09) Waveroller Project / Eneólica - Filipe Aguiar
10) Hidroflot Project / FDO-ABBorges - Carlos Moreno
11) Windfloat Project / EDP – João Maciel


12) WavEC Perspectives - Frank Neumann
13) Offshore Cultivation of Seaweed for Energy / Seaweed Energy Solutions AS - Paal Bakken
14) Tecnologia offshore para a piscicultura / ONE OCEAN – Engenharia e Arquitectura Naval Lda – José M. Ferreira da Cruz
15) Energy Island - Friedrich Kohl


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