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In the SEASNAKE project, a new MV electric cable solution will be developed. The new design aims to reduce cable weight by introducing a new type of shield that will allow the cable to move with a high frequency and remain functional for a long period of time. SEASNAkE's overall objectives are to reduce the cost and risk of offshore operations through convergence in cable technology, through:

✓ Demonstration of dynamic cable solutions (laboratory and marine environment);

✓ Risk reduction and optimization of offshore operations (installation, maintenance, decommissioning);

✓ Application of surface protection for marine biofouling.


WavEC Results


  • Development of anti-fouling coatings to be applied to submarine electrical cables -the goal is to reduce biofouling thus reducing the load of cables, power collectors and power converters.


  • Four formulations based on the Selektope® biocide will be produced and durable and easy-to-remove coatings (fouling release), recorded in accordance with EU Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) regulation.


General Information



Project Coordinator at WavEC: Pedro Vinagre
Total Funding (Requested contribution): € 833 765

WavEC Funding: € 46 375
Duration: January 2020 – February 2023 (38 months)
Coordinator: RISE
Partners: NKT Cables, IFSTTAR, CorePower Ocean, Waves4Power, Sea Power Ltd., I-Tech, MWA Beläggning, Siemens Energy, Chalmers, Ocean Harvesting, James Fisher and WavEC Offshore Renewables.



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