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The SISMAR project aims to develop a system to support the risk analysis of sea operations based on components for prediction and monitoring of the marine environment and the location of vessels, in order to promote a significant increase in the safety of navigation in inland waters by fishing and recreational vessels. It is also intended to develop and install a visibility measuring and prediction system in order to mitigate the high risk to maritime navigation due to the absence of this information. A system for monitoring the location and depth of fishing and recreational vessels will also be developed and installed, which will allow the construction of a database of navigable routes and consequently the sharing of navigation experiences. During this project, the system will be tested and validated in the Ria de Aveiro area, and its expansion to other areas of the Portuguese coast will be analyzed.


WavEC Results


  • Development of a remote monitoring and acquisition system for visibility analysis through a computer vision system, which includes a weather station and real-time data transmission. This system will feed an existing meteorological and oceanographic forecast system for the Aveiro area, based on the AQUASAFE platform to predict local visibility.


General Information


Funding: Fundo Azul
Project Coordinator at WavEC: Filipe Arede
Total Funding (Requested contribution): € 199 810
WavEC Funding: € 64 081
Duration: April 2019 – December 2021 (32 months)
Coordinator: Hidromod
Partners: WavEC - Offshore Renewables and Universidade de Aveiro.

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