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This project aims to develop, implement, validate and optimize new methodologies to assess the structural elements of the GE: tower, blade and foundation (fixed or floating). The proposed monitoring strategy will be applied to wind farms, using optimized instrumentation schemes of the GE subgroup and taking advantage of data provided by acquisition systems available in all GE (SCADA system that characterize wind in each GE and its operations parameters) to use extrapolation techniques that allow assess all the GE of the same wind farm.


WavEC Results


  • Application and validation of advanced numerical models to replicate data on the dynamic response of wind turbines (onshore and offshore with fixed and floating foundation) for different wave and wind scenarios.


  • Analysis of the parameters that affect the dynamic behavior of the structure of a wind turbine.


General Information


Funding: FCT
WavEC Coordinator: Marco Alves
Total Funding (Requested EU contribution): € 238 765
WavEC Funding: € 41 698
Duration: March 2019 – February 2022 (36 months)

Coordinator: FEUP –CONSTRUCT -ViBest
Partners: FEUP –CONSTRUCT -ViBest, INEGI–WIND ENERGY and WavEC Offshore Renewables.

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